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East Union Drama Department Fall Play
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Friday, November 10, 2017
Game of Tiaras: A Tragedy

The East Union Drama department will present their fall play,  Game of Tiaras, on Friday, November 10 and Saturday, November 11 beginning at 7pm each night.  The play was written by Don Solids, will be directed by Lisa Hensel who is assisted by Kaeleigh Ballentine.



When the aging king of Magical Kingdom decides to split his empire among his three daughters, Cinderella, Belle, and the Snow Queen, terrible tragedy ensues. Game of Thrones, Shakespearean tragedy, King Lear,  numerous other princesses, Smeagol, two princes and many other animated characters sum up the Game of Tiaras.  When you play this game you win or you die (The characters in no way resemble copyrighted characters from Disney).



Cast of Characters: 

Narrator 1               - Kendra Kirkland           Little Mermaid                        - Kate Sutton

Narrator 2               - Olivia Moore                Princess/Animated SnowMan   - Jayden Welcher

Snow White             - Lauren Hadley             Princess 4/Girl                        - Abby Harper

Cinderella               - Anna Collins                 Princess 3                              - Cassidy Riley

Belle                      - Macy McFee                  Princess 2                              - Gabby Valencia

Snow Queen(Elle)   - Cassie Christensen        Princess 1                               - Taylor Miller

King                      - Kanyon Huntington

Smeagol                - Casey Allen                  Guard 1                                 - Garrett Skarda

Prince Charming    - Evan Collins                  Guard 2                                 - Patrick Groves

French Prince        - Daniel Thatcher             Executioner                            - Jessica Kelley

Blood Packet Guy  - T’Annah Banda              Soldiers Regular and French   - Storm Hoadley, Brody Kinyon

Dwarf 1                - Colton Mitchell              Peasants/Crowd                     - Jessica Kelley, Robi Austin

Dwarf 2/guard      - Dawson Goodridge        Sound, sets, lights, assistants  - Alex Riley, Emmaline Mitchell




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